Hello world!

Well, hello.

Blogging isn’t something I really considered before. But I do like to try stuff. Who knows? This might be a good thing to do. Sitting in my kitchen, in cardi and jamas, recuperating after a nasty virus laid me low a few days this week to the strains of Homes under the Hammer. Things really couldn’t be less glamorous, or more representative of what I do dismayingly often.

I’ve just bleached all the door knobs, light switches and bathroom fittings in an attempt to keep my daughter germ-free on her return to me this evening, after being evacuated to her dad’s all week. She popped round this morning for a little beautification on her way to school (hairdo that daddies , apparently, are incapable of and a little foundation on a small spot) as it’s school photo day.

We didn’t get one last year as she herself was off with swine flu, so there is a gap in the annual progression of mugshots. A shame. Us mums like such things. The last one was plaits (I always love her in those, seldom chosen by her though). My daughter has always very much had her own mind about her personal style. She is very definite in ways that make her difficult to buy for. Nothing expensive is required, no such difficulty (thankfully), but I find her likes harder to spot than I have found with my son, and seldom do our tastes co-incide. She jests that it’s because I am out of touch. I am not sure though. Her tastes are often very different to her peers. I admire her individuality, her drive and how she is so very full of life.

I love her lack of materialism too. Christmas looms, and whereas I, as a child would have dog-eared the toy section of the Freeman’s catalogue and memorised page numbers, and made a list as long as a wet afternoon at your Auntie’s by mid October. She never seems to want or ask for much at all. My son has a thoughtfulness and an easy warmth which often times make me catch my breath. He is very well-loved by his friends and family alike. And he has recently decided that he would like to teach. I would encourage him with whatever he wanted to do, but I can wholeheartedly say, he would be exceptionally good at this.

We have all had a fair number of hard times, some exceptionally so, over a good deal of her life, and through much of my son’s teens.

I can never quite get over the goodheartedness, and the loving nature of the pair of them. I categorically do not take them for granted. And I wish deserving others could all feel the same joy.

I know that I am a very fortunate woman.

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